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Baijan glass is a top quality of hand made art glass from Azerbaijan Southwest of Russia.

Since each piece is hand made (blown) you will never see two pieces that are exactly a like.  These hand made art glass are unusual and exotic pieces that are hardly found anywhere else.   

The art of blown glass is an old tradition which goes back about 3000 years when the Persian Empire ruled the region.    In the late 18th century Azerbaijan fell under the Russian rule and finally in 1989 got its independence and became The Republic of Azerbaijan.   

The tradition of glass blowing has not changed since the 18th century and they are still made  like old days in brick ovens with black oil.

Essie Zareh, using a multilayer color glass with his unusual design and exotic shapes creating a unique collection of glass art.   Each color represents one layer of glass and there is no painting.  Each piece is an original creation and there may be slight variation in size, pattern and color. 

Most of pieces are signed by Essie Zareh to keep the originality.

For further information and more details on the products, price listed in this web site please email      :
essiezareh@baijanglass.com  or: essiezareh@yahoo.com  or call 713-463-5311


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